Camouflaged in black and white, the red heart dared to fly,

Oh there! Cage it! Tame it! It’s one of the trespassers!

Wrinkled by gloom and doom, the aged mind made heart its ally,

Here! Here! Hold it! Scold it! It’s one of the trespassers!

A thought, a little thought, just passed by, and the mind tumbled its head out!

A thought, a spark, for making another attempt to trespass, bubbled its infrared out!

Stand alert! There, here, and everywhere! Its a foolish nuisance by the trespassers!

Crush it! Hush it! Red-paintbrush it! Its a debased corrupt move by the trespassers!

Well, well. First, enlighten us. Who are these trespassers?

Are they the spectators or the show-masters?

Are they the ones drowning or the sun-baskers?

Are they the Almighty’s men or the accidental disasters?

Well, truly.. they are everything and all.

They are who inaugurated today’s chaos.

They are who celebrated all temples and mosques.

They are who led the Red flame there.

They are who stitched the Tri-color here.

They are today’s rich, poor and the middle.

They are who prosper, feast and finally dwindle.

They are you and me, who trespass for petty pleasure.

They are the ones deprived of smiles in empty treasure.

The little list, the poor list, goes on and on..

So does the trespassers, who trespass with each passing dusk and dawn.

The ones who trespass, the ones who hold them, are all actually, the Trespassers.

They cannot die, they cannot wither, long live.. the invincible, the immortal .. TRESPASSERS.

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